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Unlock Your Vision Elevate Your Music with our 


Our package pricing begins at ($3000 and up), meticulously customized to suit the distinct requirements of your music video project. We recognize the individuality of each endeavor and are committed to delivering a bespoke quote tailored to your needs.

To embark on this journey, a $250 Consultation fee is necessary upon booking, an investment that will be credited toward the final total of your chosen package.

Examples of OUR custom PACKAGE music videoS

SUKIHANA "Throw That Thing"

"Delve into the artistry of Sukihana's newest release, 'Throw That Thing," expertly directed by Olu The Visionary. Experience the perfect fusion of music and visuals, skillfully crafted through Olu's lens. Join us in embracing this extraordinary collaboration – explore 'STILL TIPPING AND 2FREESTYLES' today


Get ready to be blown away by the premiere of Staqz's electrifying single, 'POP IT,' expertly directed and edited by the visionary artist, Olu The Visionary. Brace yourself for an explosion of music and visuals like never before!


"Embark on a soul-stirring journey with James Fortune's 'Never Let You Down,' magnificently directed by Olu The Visionary. Immerse yourself in a harmonious fusion of music and visuals, meticulously crafted through Olu's lens. Don't miss the chance to experience this powerful collaboration – watch 'Never Let You Down' now."

Princess Malia ft. Lani Love "PTO"

"Step into the empowering world of Princess Malia as she unveils the official music video for the anthem of 2023 & Beyond, 'Princess Treatment Only (P.T.O),' featuring Lani Love. Don't miss out on this dynamic collaboration – experience 'Princess Treatment Only (P.T.O)' now!"

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